[11.4.23] Multichannel Sound Workshop w. Kim Nucci

register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScXQbl95hZ6EWiJn_kCEADnL3_rasWLA7BQHZB22WSSB1XtmQ/viewform

where: tritriangle
when: 11.4.23 from 10-4

Hi all, I’m organizing a multichannel sound workshop at TriTriangle this Saturday from 10-4. The workshop is conducted by Kim Nucci, a renowned sound artist, composer, and technologist.

We will use Sound MFA alumnus Ryan Dunn’s very unique 16-channel sound setup (hypercube stereo, as he calls it). This is a nice resource for those living/working/gigging in Chicago, and a good hardware model for considering building a DIY, “budget” multichannel system.

Of particular interest to people approaching sound from without, I’ll show how to set up a node server that bridges OSC messages from p5*js to max/msp, so that the particles in a flowfield animation in p5 (or unity, etc.) can animate individual sound sources in a multi-channel environment. A nice technique for those interested in “audio/video”,“av”, multimedia performance, etc.