[2017-08-30]-[2017-09-29] '2_gather' can be viewed in Art Center Nabi (Seoul)

Hello everyone,

A couple of days ago, our exhibition ‘2_gather’ with Mark IJzerman opened in Art Center Nabi. The exhibition includes my new installation ‘HEY MN!’ and an audio/visual interactive book from Mark. Both of the works were produced during our 2 month artist residency in Art Center Nabi. 'HEY MN!’ includes a 6 minute video and a 3D-printed sculpture, and deals with the concepts of queerspaces, virtual intimacy and self-cencorship. The exhibition will be up till the end of October.

I know that everyone is in Chicago busy with the new semester. But still, if you happen to be in Seoul during this month, try to give us a visit = )

And here is a bit of text about ‘HEY M*N!’


HEY M*N!, 3D-printed sculpture

HEY M*N!, excerpt from video