[2021-09-17] SloMoCo events: practice works + seminar "MOVEMENT UNDERCOMMONS" w. Grisha Coleman

Hello ATS! My name is Garrett Johnson. I’m new around here and it’s been really fun to begin to learn about the program thru events and exhibitions.

I wanted to share with you some happenings I am organizing next Friday for part of the ongoing SloMoCo experimental & durational gathering event. SloMoCo is a part of MOCO, the international conference on Movement and Computing, which coincidently will convene in Chicago next summer!

Next Friday @ 11-12.30 CT we’ll feature presentation/performances from SloMoCo practice works and microresidents.

Following, from 12:45-2.15 CT, we’re joined by choreographer, theorist, and media arts Grisha Coleman to discuss her ongoing work “The Movement Undercommons”. She explore mocap as a technology of resistance by create vernacular movement portraits of people in historically marginalized communities with a mobile mocap field kit.

All are invited! You’ll find links to registration above. I hope to see some ATS folks there.