[2021-12-03] Flight and Air as Medium - Talk by Samuel Swope

In this talk, artist Samuel Swope explores how art and engineering
can inform one another, and how he has engaged this intersection in
his own research and studio practice. Swope is an artist,
technologist, and academic most recognized for his research and
development of what he describes as aerial art. Merging multiple
media and engineering practices, Swope constructs and controls
aesthetic systems that work with air and are often themselves
airborne. Throughout his research and studio practice he concerns
the behavioral dimensions of control processes, and he often
engages with issues on hybridity, atmosphere, autonomy, and the
non-human. Sculptural drones, flying hybrids, artificial winds, and
micro-atmospheres name a few examples. For Swope, aerial art
frames air; giving it a perceptible and systematic volume. The
convergence of flight and air as mediums for art affects their context
as both subject matters and objects of science while also rendering
and foregrounding the states and dynamics of air and the airborne in
all sensory qualities. More information available at:
Samuel Swope - ABOUT

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LECTURE: Artist Samuel Swope speaks about "Flight and Air as Medium"
Samuel Swope: Flight & Air as Medium - online lecture

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Samuel Swope
Assistant Professor, New Media Art
Hite Art Institute, Department of Fine Arts
University of Louisville

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Very interested in attending this, but it looks like there’s no way to sign up for the lecture via the link. Going through the ‘Sign Up’ tab only displays the following message - “The registration deadline for this Event has lapsed.”

Also, if I’m reading this right, it starts at 2pm UTC +1, which is 7am for us here in Chicago.

Hi @mac_pierce @sswope sent along this link:


Perhaps that one will work?

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