All the info a hacker learns from ur discarded devices!

hey yawwwl! wanted to invite everyone to the next D.R.E.A.M. (Data Rules Everything Around Me) tomorrow!

it’s at Thursday 6:30pm at ICNC/MakeCity 320 N Damen Ave

our guest speaker this time will be Melody Haase, she’s a professional hacker (though she prefers the term professional creeper) who specializes in internet-based investigative and intelligence research and analysis. Melody is going to share the life stories (almost soup opera like, very intimate details) she can derive entirely from an old phones + discarded devices.

should be super interesting for anyone into in privacy, data, hacking or just want to know exactly how much info u had in that old phone u sold to that dude on craigslist.

u can rsvp here
general info here: