Art & Technology Graduate Students Presents: DIS-

Art and Technology Flex Space, Rm 400
Nov 17- Dec 1

As part of the Grad Art & Technology Seminar course taught by Lee Blalock, the second of two groups of graduate students presents:


Asunder, away, utterly apart. “Dis-” is a multimedia group exhibition featuring the work of six technology–based artists whose creations converge around the theme of the prefix “Dis-”. The promises of total connectivity within the technological paradigm of our time leaves much to be desired and many promises left unfulfilled. “Dis-” symbolizes separation, negation, and reversal. Each artist confronts themes of dislocation, disassociation, disbelief and distortion, exploring what remains in the wake of separation. These artists utilize various technologies and their promises of networked connectivity to showcase its slippages. By synthesizing the relationships and contradiction between what is being separated from itself, these artists open up a liminal space in which new dialectics can be formed.

Performance dates for Kyriakos Apostolidis : TBA