Art & Technology Graduate Students Presents: <<<<<< >>>>>>

As part of the Grad Art & Technology Seminar course taught by Lee Blalock, the first of two groups of graduate students presents:

<<<<<< >>>>>>
This exhibition engages flexible space as a realm of perpetual movement, where fluidity, the body, chaos, precarity, panoptic crafts, and wires are interconnected. Wires and tubes disrupt the architecture of the space, entwining to highlight the underlying circulation of human energies. Moving particles, traveling light, flowing water, and vortexes expand an existing vital chain of movement. Interactivity is encouraged through the gaze of the machine, fostering a dialogue between the spectator and the work within a shared space. These works trace connections between bodies and spaces, making themselves visible through their motion, and, as a result, each work becomes a body in space, a participant, and a collaborator.

Nov 3-10
Rm 400 MC, Flex Space