Art $ Technology Practices Spring 22 Exhibition

Please join us tomorrow, May 12th from 11am - 12pm to celebrate the opening of the Spring '22 Art & Technology Practices end of semester exhibition! An in person reception in MC 401 will be held for the launch of the online show. If you are on campus we would love to see you there!

Featuring work from:
Hope Barkov, Laen Chan, Loretto Jing Xia Crofton, Orion Curtis, Riley Frederick, Anushka Ganu, Vivian Guan, Oceana Hamilton, Yajurvi Haritwal, Claire Huver, Su Jang, Socks Johnston, Briana Kang, Ayeong Lim, Lisa Koyama Max, Aidan Ohagan, Joojoo Park, Jay Santamaria, Khushi Shah, Jude Silvertree, Jiarong Song, Frankie Winum, Xin Yao, and Ivan Yu

Link to the online exhibition!