Artist in residence at Science&Art Lab

Artist in residence at Science&Art Lab

Technical University of Braunschweig

Science&Art Lab, 2024

May 16, 2024

Artist in residence at Science&Art Lab

Application deadline: June 9, 2024

Technical University of Braunschweig
Science&Art Lab
Universitätsplatz 2
38106 Braunschweig

T +49 531 39114097

A World Between Size and Light—in cooperation with the Cluster of Excellence QuantumFrontiers

Science&Art Lab brings together cutting-edge research with art in their various forms of expression and media and inspires a dialog. The aim is to enable different approaches to research questions and an exchange between science, art, and the public.

Science&Art Lab is open to experiments, transfer thinking, new formats and ideas. Our aim is to give space to the dialog between art and science and to fill this space with life, with talks, exhibitions, screenings and other opportunities for encounters. We are convinced that this exchange will provide food for thought that is critical, enthusing, inspiring and community-building.

As one key aspect of Science&Art Lab we are realizing an international artist in residency program to connect partners who are interested in same or similar topics from different points of view. Against the background of quantum research, we invite artists to apply with their own project. Convinced of the mutual inspiration of both fields, we look forward to ideas that can be linked to quantum topics in a variety of ways.

In 2024 Science&Art Residency will be based at the Cluster of Excellence QuantumFrontiers and specifically at the Institute of Semiconductor Technology.

Scientists open their laboratories to the artist and grant access to their studies, working material and technical equipment.

The core of the residency is the exchange between the various fields of work and research and the process that results from this. It is therefore not necessarily about producing an artwork in the narrow sense.

Duration of the residency: 8 weeks (autumn 2024), individual time segments are possible within this period.

Keywords: Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Epitaxy, Lasers, LEDs, Light, Metrology, Physics, Quantum Engineering and Quantum Technology, Semiconductors, Semiconductor Technology, Wafers

–Artist fee 2400 Euro (gross) per month, travel costs, accommodation
–Production budget of 3500 Euro (gross)
–Access to the Cluster of Excellence QuantumFrontiers

Your application should include the following:

CV / artist bio including your contact details and links to previous works and projects of yours (max. 2 pages).

Artist statement: write a statement about your work (250 words or less).

Statement of purpose: describe your potential project, ideas and expectations in the context of the residency (250 words or less). You may address the following questions: What are you hoping to research, develop or create? In what way is your project developed with Quantum / LED / Laser technologies or about these techniques? How might the context of QuantumFrontiers be inspiring / useful for your work?

A proposed production budget of up to 3500 Euros relating to the described project (max 1 page). Please note: Submitting a proposed production budget does not guarantee that all costs will be covered, depending on what can be realized on site.

The Science&Art Lab of TU Braunschweig is committed to offering equal access and opportunity to all potential applicants regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, family status, religion, age, disability, race, cultural and/or socio-economic backgrounds.

We are very much looking forward to your entries!

You can find further information about the residency and details on what is needed for your application here: Science&Art Lab. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the project in general or about your application.

Jule Hillgärtner (she/her) and Henrike Wenzel (she/her)

artist-residency [​at​]