Associate Producer of Innovation & Strategy for Oregon Shakespeare Company

Hi Community,

Scarlett Kim, Associate Artistic Director and Director of Innovation & Strategy for the Oregon Shakespeare Company wanted to share with you about a full-time artistic producer position she is hiring: Associate Producer of Innovation & Strategy.

This person will serve as the lead producer of the OSF Innovation & Strategy department and report directly to me. They will oversee projects spanning theatre; XR/VR/AR; immersive/interactive technologies; visual and performing arts; film/TV and beyond - supporting our Artistic Director Nataki Garrett’s vision across the full spectrum of the THEATRICAL OMNIVERSE! They will also be a leader and amplifier in building strategic partnerships and IDEA-centric changemaking at OSF.

They are equally excited about producers and artists coming from a theatre background, as well as mavericks from other industries and worlds.

Here is the job posting:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or feedback!