ATS Graduate Lecture Series, Wed, Mar 13, 4:30pm – Amay, Doug, Jiaqi

The ATS graduate lecture series begins this Wednesday, March 13.
Lectures will begin at 4:30 in MacLean 402. Seats will be first come, first first served.

This week’s lecturers:
Amay Kataria: “Autopoeisis”

Doug Rosman: “Shedding a Data Body”

Jiaqi Zhang: “Affective Future Media: Open Call for Artist and Curators”

Persons with disabilities requesting accommodations should visit:

The schedule for the upcoming Wednesday ATS grad lectures in MacLean 402 at 4:15pm:

March 20th: Chun Zeng, Nihat Karatasli, Yi Kang

April 3rd: Rui Sha, Chris Hare, Qingqing Hua

April 24th: Beirui Sun, Yuemin Huang, Keer Yang

May 1st: Madison Young, Alan Perry, Fran. E Gallagher

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