ATS Reading Group this Thursday!

ATS Reading Group is meeting this Thursday! We are discussing Mind Goes Where Eyes Can’t Follow by Nora N Khan at 12:15pm central time over Zoom.

We will also discuss future readings including (but not limited to) a structure for discussing the ARC recommended reading Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson.

Meeting details are on the ATS Community Calendar > email Kristin if you have trouble accessing the calendar event or have any accommodation requests. Hope to see you there!

Hi All!

ATS Reading Group continues this Thursday! We will be discussing the podcast Artists and Hackers: Feeding Oral History to Technology which interviews artist Stephanie Dinkins about her work documenting conversations with the advanced ai Bina48 and her continued work with AI systems and conversational agents.

We will meet at 12:15 on Thursday 11/04 over zoom. A link to the meeting is posted in the ATS community events calendar. If you have any questions or accessibility requests, please email Should be a great conversation, hope to see you there!

Hi there Kristin, thanks for organizing!

The google event is still showing up (for me) as an all day. If you get a chance, could you or someone with access change it over to a 12.15 appointment? I’m worried it won’t stick in the (extended) mind otherwise :slight_smile:


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Yes- thanks for noting that! The event should be updated now.


Join us for on conversation on personal his(hers)tories. We will be discussing the Good Point podcast Good Point podcast episode 145 “History”

History? Art History? Personal history? How does it influence your work?

12:15 on Zoom. Email with any questions or accommodation requests.

See you there!

This Thursday ATS reading group is back!

We will be discussing the school wide reading “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents” by Isabel Wilkerson in conjunction with the recent Electronic Sound Studio discussion: “NFTS AND CONTEMPORARY ART-MAKING: A PANEL AND Q&A”

12:15 on Zoom. Find details on the ATS community calendar or email kristin (below) for a gcal invitation.

If you have any questions or accomodation requests, please contact Kristin McWharter at

Sorry for the confusion this week!

Reading group will be rescheduled for TUESDAY at 12:15.

See you there!