ATS Town Hall (10/26/22)

This Wednesday, October 26th at 4:30pm ATS will be holding its Fall Town Hall in the Flex Space!

Join us in person or remotely (zoom info in the calendar event on the ATS Events Calendar).

We will have brief presentations from some of our grads on last year’s Ars Electronica exhibition, an update from faculty on ongoing events in the department, and an open forum for questions and concerns.

ATS town halls are a public forum where faculty, staff, students, alumni and other ATS community members are welcome to voice questions, comments or concerns pertaining to the department. The first 15 minutes of the town hall is reserved for updates from the department on progress that has been made on conversations from past meetings. Following those updates, as a community forum, there is no set framing around what kind of issues or conversations should be discussed. However, prior to the townhall an anonymous Q&A form will be posted to where people can submit questions, topics, or suggestions that can act as a seed for conversation at the meeting. All submitted responses to the form will be displayed at the meeting.

Submit a question, topic, concern etc here: Submission Form

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Following up real quick on a project I mentioned, this is the project that sensitizes the audience’s oral microbiota to interact with phonemes!
Super interesting stuff: ECOLALIA – Welcome to Planet B

@cortisol.bliss @AndyScarpelli

Oh, awesome. I’m trying to follow the logic here, and I’m thinking there’s something more than what’s being presented here. Thanks for sending this! I’ll look into this more.

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