Brett's Online ATS Spring 2022 Course Offerings: Radical Networks & Analog Electronics

Hi Everyone!

It appears to be time again to choose classes for the next semester. Spring 2022 advance registration starts in one week. If you’re looking for some cool online classes to enroll in this Spring, please check out my offerings:

Analog Electronics
Tuesdays 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Spring 2022: 01/27/2022 - 05/15/2022
Modality: Online
Instructor: Brett Balogh

Even though we live in a primarily analog world, most of our experience of modernity is digital. We will examine the similarities and differences of these two worlds through the lens of electronics, focusing on the role of analog systems in art-making. The course provides a hands-on exploration of analog sound and video circuit elements and systems as well as a survey of relevant artists, artworks and practices. Students will be able to make a variety of works, including performance, interactive objects and environments, still images, audiovisual instruments, audio pieces, and video, to name a few.

This course will be taught fully online with both synchronous and asynchronous content suited to those here in Chicago and in other timezones. Course activities will be supported by the purchase of a kit of resources to facilitate hands-on exploration. Each student will research a topic of interest and will respond to it through the lens of their own practice in the creation of a final project. No prior skills in electronics or art and technology studies are required; however, curiosity and a willingness to learn are a must.

Radical Networks
Thursdays 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Spring 2022: 01/27/2022 - 05/15/2022
Modality: Online
Instructor: Brett Balogh

Radical Networks promotes artistic, grassroots activist, and experimental work in telecommunications, the internet, the world wide web, and beyond. Its mission is to critically engage with the communications tools and networks we participate in every day while gaining access to the knowledge needed to create tools and alternative infrastructures for community, experimentation, and dissent. Students will examine the significance of telecommunications in an art-historical context and will explore alternative networking strategies from a hands-on perspective. Students will formulate, create and engage in their own networks as a final project. No prior knowledge of programming or networking is assumed. All are welcome!

Posters attached. Please ask questions and/or pass this information to others who may be interested :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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