Call 4 Papers and Artworks: Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts October 2022 "Reading Minds: Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and the Reading Human" @ Purdue

WHO: You ! an ATS Grad or Faculty !
WHAT: The SLSA (Society for Literature Science and the Arts) National Conference
WHEN: Abstracts due April 22, Conference is October 6-9
WHERE: Purdue University, West Lafayette Indiana ~2.5 hrs by car from Chicago
WHY: To present your work (as a talk, a panel, or an artwork) to a new community!

Hi all,

The SLSA has opened their CFP and the topic will be of particular interest to ATS: “Reading Minds: Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and the Reading Human.” SLSA (pronounced SLSA) is one of the most supportive, friendly, and rigorous intellectual and cultural communities I have personally found in North America. I have been going and presenting since 2016.

To that end, I would love to see an SAIC ATS squad there! I’m happy to:
a) collaborate on a paper, panel, workshop or exhibition
b) mentor any grads in framing a (paper, panel, artwork, or workshop) submission for this audience.

Send me an email if you’re interested – otherwise, just apply!

Historically I have seen presentations in a range of areas that would be interesting for ATS people:

  • games and game studies
  • software studies
  • animal studies
  • the posthumanities
  • bio art
  • media ecologies
  • critical data studies
  • performance and collaboration
  • science and technology studies
  • sound studies
  • plant studies
  • AI and algorithmic governance
  • affect
  • world making and speculative futures
  • the occult, magic, and alchemy
  • networks and infrastructures
  • accelerationism
  • afrofuturism
  • cyborg and glitch feminsim
  • deep time
  • (dark) ecology
  • Fluxus, indeterminacy and aesthetics
  • the anthropocene
  • Gaia and general systems theory

Find below the relevant info, submissions due April 22.

The annual conference of the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts will take place at Purdue University, October 6-9, 2022.

The submission deadline for abstracts is April 22, 2022. Please submit all abstracts and proposals for panels, etc to the submission portal through EasyChair.

Link to conference: SLSA 2022 Call for Proposals | Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts

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