Cheer on the SAIC at the Biodesign Challenge!

Hey all,

Come and cheer on some of our students at the BDC. It’s going to be online and it’s just going to be an amazing event overall. The speakers this year include so many great bioartists, biodesigners, and thinkers, and this is just going to be a stellar show, with the crowning moment being the amazing presentation by some SAIC students who really knocked it out of the park (There was a lot of competition in my class for great projects, but I’m so proud of the final submission). You can find more about how to watch the summit here: Summit 2022 — Biodesign Challenge
The SAIC team will be presenting on Wednesday, June 22nd. I will be screaming and guffawing on the Youtube channel, so I hope to see y’all there supporting our team!

Here’s the link for Monday if you’re streaming: Biodesign Challenge Summit 2022 — Day 1 - YouTube

Hopefully everyone was able to see the team present. They were amazing! Please consider voting for them for the community choice prize: BDC 2022 Community Choice Prize Ballot

Congratulations SlimeVolt @Yimei , Yousif, and Ben! :zap::petri_dish:
You can still take in their incredible efforts, reframing biocomputing for sound/electronic artists and our relationship to personal electronics here. Prizes and finalists will be announced Friday June 24 10am CT, followed by speakers, and an awards ceremony.
Great work SlimeVolt team! :raised_hands::zap:

They are top 6!!! We’ll find out if they win any prizes later today!

Thanks Andy! We are looking forward to the results and are excited to have taken part in this nevertheless. Hoping for the best, let’s go!!!:laughing:

Andy Scarpelli via The ATS Community noreply@ats.community于2022年6月24日 周五10:47写道:

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They finished top 6. I am so impressed with the team and all their work. You can find out more at . Such an amazing project.