Cypher Scripts: Artist Talk + live demo by Mac Pierce and Jade Sheng

Hi all! INCUBATOR is hosting an artist talk for the current show Cypher Scripts at Sharp lobby! Artist Mac Pierce and Jade Sheng will give artist talks/demos regarding their works: Host-Jump, Shower Thoughts, and Urban Neural Network. This coming Tuesday, March 08, 5PM–6PM at Sharp Lobby! Please come join!

Mac Pierce
Host-Jump is a recontextualization of the way malicious code has intruded into our everyday lives. The paintings in this series all feature graphics from ransomware, in this case, a piece of Russian ransomware called Petya, which targeted computer systems around Eastern Europe in 2016. All of the painted graphics are applied over existing paintings, the remnants of which can be seen as the underlying texture of the pieces. Like traditional ransomware, a ransom can be paid for these pieces, after which the buyer is sent instructions on how to remove the paint-over to access the original artwork.

Jade Sheng
Jade ventures out of the two-dimensional to explore and experiment with modes of expression by taking advantage of what emerging technologies afford. She tends to blur the boundaries between art and language using poetics and wordplay to communicate and connects perspectives. Her subjects often involve approaching existential questions from a failed god’s perspective and finding comfort in the unknown.