Data Viz Exhibition- Refracting Data opening Wednesday!

The Data Viz exhibition REFRACTING DATA is opening this Wednesday, Dec. 5th at 4pm! Tomorrow!
The exhibition will showcase culminating work from this years Data Viz Collaborative class.
Free food and drinks! Free conversations!
Data Viz Collaborative is a course that synthesizes processes of discovery from art, science, and engineering.

For the fifth consecutive year, students from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and Northwestern University (NU) worked collaboratively to research, engage with design and experimental arts practice, and imagine creative approaches to information visualization.

This culminating exhibition at SAIC’s LeRoy Neiman Center features group projects embodying and transforming data from embedded sensors and the maelstrom of information collected from the lived urban environment. Refracting Data asks the viewer how images and experiences can affect knowledge at the intersection of science and art.