Dispersionology & Other Tales: a transnational telematic arts performance May 10 @ Free Radio SAIC

Dispersionology and Other Tales
*May 10, 1:00-2:30
Listen @ Free Radio SAIC: https://freeradiosaic.org/
Watch @ YouTube: Dispersionology and Other Tales - YouTube

Doug Van Nord, PhD, student of Pauline Oliveros and founder of Dispersion Lab for distributed performance and sensorial immersion, celebrates 20 years of telematic performances with an ambitious transnational performance next week. A full list of the ~50 performers around the globe is below.

Garrett Laroy Johnson and CCAM is organizing a Chicago node in collaboraiton with Free Radio SAIC. He is joined by Eric Leonardson and Gordon Fung representing ATS, Sound, and FVNMA on this global stage.

*performance statement

In the world of physics, dispersion describes a phenomenon in which the rate of propagation of a wave in a medium, its phase velocity, is dependent on its frequency. This can be seen in light, sound, gravity waves, etc. Its a property of telecommunications signals, including the ulses of light in optical fibre cables, describing how the signal broadens and spreads out as it moves across the channel. Dispersion therefore is inherent in the medium that more-and-more binds us these days, in the movements of light pulses that transports our attention, and our listening, around the globe. A beautiful consequence of dispersion is a change in the angle of refraction of different frequencies, leading to a prismatic opening up of a full colour spectrum from incoming light. This ability to broaden out as signals propagate through the network reflects a much wider expansion of distributed listening and sounding that is made possible in the context of telematic musicking.

Full list of Participants

Dispersion Lab:
Doug Van Nort soundpainting, GREIS/electronics, voice Dispersion Lab, Toronto, ON
CCRMA Chris Chafe celletto CCRMA
Chicago Eric Leonardson springboard, electronics SAIC, Chicago
Garrett Johnson electronics SAIC, Chicago
Gordon Fung Sandin image processing OR no-input mixer SAIC, Chicago
Oslo Krisin Norderval voice UiO, Oslo
Masoud Niknafs vocals (Arabic tenor) UiO, Oslo
Jack Hardwick Violin, Live Electronics UiO, Oslo
Fabian Stordalen Bass guitar, Guitar, No-input mixing UiO, Oslo
Kristian Eicke Guitar (percussive) on lap UiO, Oslo
Nino Jakeli Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard UiO, Oslo
Aysima Baba Accordion UiO, Oslo
Alexander Wastnidge Guitars, Live Electronics UiO, Oslo
Emin Memis Ney Flute, Drums UiO, Oslo
Ricardo Arias Balloons? Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá
Leonel Vásquez ? Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá
(student names) Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá
Various Locations: Dana Reason piano/inside piano Oregon
Scot Gresham-Lancaster Maine
Zovi Theremin Albany, NY
Cássia Carrascoza Bomfim Flute Brazil
Al Margolis violin/contact mic(s)/objects Chester, NY
Colin James Gibson Guitar Toronto, ON
Glen Hall Soprano saxophone, contrabass clarinet Brampton, ON
Chris Anderson-Lundy Saxophone Toronto, ON
Sarah Weaver Conducting New York
Kai Kubota-Enright piano (with or without preparation), various soft synths, with or without fixed media elements Montreal, QC
Theodore Haber violin Montreal, QC
Anne Bourne cello Toronto, ON
Scott L. Miller Kyma Minneapolis, MN
Ambrose Pottie percussion and electronics Toronto, ON
Emma Pope Piano Montreal, QC
Bill Gilliam Electric piano with loop machine & effects Toronto, ON
Holland Hopson Tuscaloosa, AL
Various (eao member)
Bjorn Eriksson analog electronics (feedback boxes) Solleftjea, Sweden
Viv Corringham voice, electronics New York
Tom Bickley EWI + Max processing Berkeley, CA
Rory Hoy bass, electronics Brampton, ON
Omar Shabbar guitar, electronics Toronto, ON
Kathy Kennedy voice, electronics Montreal, QC