Electronic Cafe for Internet Art

The Net Art && Cultures class cordially invites you to

Electronic Cafe for Internet Art

An end-of-year event by the Net Art && Cultures class showcasing creative, interactive, and community-based networked practices, websites, and artworks. The event traces the seminal 84’ work by Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz, Electronic Cafe Network. It borrows its primary value of integration and imagines an informed site for community, art, technology, and cross-cultural communications.

Dec 14th, 3:30-5:30p, MacLean Building Room 807

More details at netart.cafe

Presented and organized by

Amelia Kim
Viv Adamian (@ehdelaveli)
Laen Chan
Mello (@mello.uun)
Yuwen Huang (@3e_von)
Emmett Stephens
Nimrod Astarhan (@nimrodastarhan)
Ahmed Balto
yiyi liu
​Mina Crow (@icyconditions)​​​​​​
Izabella “Bella” Podowski (@podowski)

Hope to you there!