Feral File Opening tomorrow (Wednesday)

I’m happy to be a part of the exhibition “The Experiment” and glad to join others tomorrow to maybe talk about how nerve fraying it was to be a part of a public art trading platform where I worried constantly about not being collected by people who I’ve admired for so long. :sweat_smile:

Twitter announcement link

Join us tomorrow at 15:00 UTC for the Opening of The Retrospective with@REAS! #FFRetrospective features two exhibitions: The Experiment, a reflection on a2p, and FF1.0, a celebration of artwork from each of the 33 exhibitions hosted by Feral File during the last two years.

We’re thrilled to be joined by
@laurenleemack, @YesClaudiaHart,@dmitricherniak,@auriea,@nbakercahill, and @el_3_squared.

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