Friday the 13th: Eye&ear presents Art Jones @ 4:30pm

eye&ear: saic’s graduate student-run group for exchanging conversation, work, and ideas around the field of contemporary moving image art, is pleased to announce the first event of the fall 2020 semester:

eye&ear will be welcoming Bronx-based artist Art Jones for a presentation and discussion of his work. Come through for a virtual happy hour!

Friday, Nov. 13th, 4:30pm Central Time.

Click here for event access:

Note this is an SAIC-only event, so please don’t share the link outside of the community.

about the artist:

Art Jones works with sculpture, expanded media, and installation. His object-based work concerns the inter-relationships between collective memory, history and power at specific locations. His live media performance involves intensive recombination of antithetical video and audio elements into a cacophonous synthesis. His multimedia and installation work often incorporates site-specific projection surfaces and interactive elements. Jones’ work often utilizes mainstream media and popular culture as raw material to be sampled, remixed, and re-combined in order to examine implicit meanings or suggest new ones. Working with a particular genre or mode, the work seeks to explore, destroy or re-orient the conventions of how information is transmitted and received. The formal construction of Jones’ works often reflects the structures of various musical genres. His multimedia, video, and installation work has been exhibited in the U.S. and internationally at venues such as Ars Electronica, Tate Gallery, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Times Art Center Berlin, and Roulette Intermedium. He works in a variety of old and new media interfaces and continues to perform at various locations.

about eye&ear:

eye&ear clinic is a graduate student-run group for ideas+discussion around the field of contemporary moving image art. The aim of the group is to build community among artists working with moving image across departments at SAIC through the following ways:

-exchanging conversation and ideas with practitioners in the field of moving image art

-sharing work-in-progress while creating a safe environment for relaxed & informal peer feedback

-screening contemporary moving image works from artists exhibited within the last 5 to 10 years

eye&ear strives to make a safe, relaxed, and supportive community for all involved.