Graduate Studies in the DisPerSion Lab (York University, Toronto, Canada)

from Doug Van Nort, head of the DisPerSion Lab and one of the foremost practitioners in telematic multimedia performance and deep listening (see Pauline Oliveros). Some graduate studies (MA, PhD) opportunities:

The DisPerSion Lab seeks motivated PhD, MA and MSc applicants who are interested in pursuing graduate research within the lab environment. Typically Research Assistantships are offered to complement base funding packages offered by a given academic program.

Active research projects centre around three areas:

i) Human/Machine Co-Creation in Collective Performance

ii) Distributed Performance

iii) Expanded Listening and Sonic/Haptic Immersion

More Information can be found here:

In practice, students apply through one of the programs for which I have supervising capabilities.

Most common are the Digital Media Program (PhD, MA, MSc) and the Music program (MA only, this year), though students are also welcome who apply to Computer Science (PhD, MSc), Theatre & Performance Studies (PhD, MA), or Cinema & Media Studies (PhD, MA).

I’m including some more information about the Digital Media program below. For this or any other program, please feel free to reach out with questions!