Greetings from the BDC

Hi all,

I’m in NYC after a long train ride supporting our team at the Biodesign Challenge (BDC). I’ll let you know how the team does, but you can find out more about the BDC Summit here: Summit 2023 — Biodesign Challenge

There have been so many great projects so far; I’ve been sitting in a few lectures that have talked about subjects like the plastic degradation, bio-directed 3D printing, biomicrobial fuel cells, and so much more. Anyone interested in biodesign should look over the site in a few weeks when it gets updated with all of this year’s projects.

Anyway, I hope everyone is rooting the SAIC team on from afar!


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SAIC is top 8 finalists, continuing our streak, but that means our team just gave a talk at the MoMA. They live streamed it, but I’ll make sure to post a link after they post all of today’s videos. I’ll let everyone know at the end of the day if we win prizes, but I’m just so proud of the team and my entire class. It was the fact that every team in my Synthetic Futures class presented such cool projects that we had such a competitive team here in NYC today.