#JOB Biodesign,Tenure track @ Aalto University

Art and Science colleagues, please see the attached opportunity.


Tenure track professor in Biodesign Integration

Posted 5.9.2023

Application closes 15.11.2023

School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Job description:

Design practice and research builds bridges from basic scientific discovery towards applications in industry and forms a platform for communicating with the public and opening societal debate. An ongoing transformation today is that biotechnological production of materials, is strongly developing, while synthetic biology offers a feasible way to create high-performance components. Biodesign is also increasingly delivering materials for healthcare and therapeutic purposes. Biodesign Integration aims to apply design practice and research to engage in the transformation occurring when biological concepts and components become part of the materials we use, buildings we live in, and the waste we produce. Design integration can also mean understandings and experiences with materials or their use. Biodesign Integration will engage in a dialogue across society that is necessary to create economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable applications and processes.

Aalto University’s strength is the unique combination of materials science and design research where new types of materials and structures are studied along with new production methods and design paradigms. To enhance the role of design in these interdisciplinary activities, the Department of Design is recruiting a Professor in Biodesign Integration. In this context, biodesign is understood as processes employing biological growth in material production, and defined as design for, with, or about biology. The notion of integration refers to the mechanisms to widen the offering of alternative materials, to the facilitation of transitions from technology to design, use and to the societal adoption of novel materials and technologies.