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Passing along a couple academic job opportunities that may be interesting to some of our grads/ alumni/ community members who are interested in teaching positions:

  1. City College of NY CUNY is looking to hire two Distinguished Lecturers to start a new Game Design BFA program at CCNY. This will be the first public Game Design BFA in NYC. These jobs are on a 3-year contract. This would be a great opportunity for students you had in the past that are interested in public education, curriculum development, and community building. It will be a challenging job but a really great opp for the right person because they really get to form the vision from scratch for a major program that will have lots of public attention. Also worth noting that the pay should be solid, even for NYC. The other thing that is good to know about this is it doesn’t require a full job search. We just got funding for this program from the NYC Mayor’s office directly so the search will be very quick, easy, and informal. There are only two people on the review committee currently, and we are only asking for cover letters + CVs before doing interviews.
    More information and info on how to submit are available in this job description.
    I am happy to send an introduction to my contact at the school for anyone who is interested. Send me an email and I will connect you!

  2. Rhode Island School of Design is looking for a term Research Fellow to join its Spatial Audio Studio. Founded in 2018, the Spatial Audio Studio at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) provides an environment for research, technological innovation, and education in the sonic arts and sound design. This fellowship is a rare opportunity to join the studio as it works toward establishing itself as a research center at RISD where sound as an area of investigation and study often bridges disciplines. The fellow will propose an ongoing or early phase independent research project that makes use of Spatial Audio Studio facilities, including a 25.4 channel loudspeaker array, with expected outlets for exposition or publication within the period of employment, such as conferences, journals, or festivals.
    The Research Fellow will conduct independent research and work with RISD faculty, staff, and students on collaborative projects involving spatial audio technologies (e.g high order ambisonics, high-density loudspeaker arrays). When collaborating on team projects, this position will work alongside the Faculty Lead and affiliated researchers while pursuing funding through grants, developing relationships with corporate and institutional partners, and liaising with sponsors. Responsibilities will also include investigation and implementation of new technologies, supervision of student assistants, project administration and budgeting, contributions to educational programs, and advancement of the Spatial Audio Studio as a research center.
    More information and info on how to submit are available in this job description

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