[meta x ddc] 1 day left to rsvp for "breaking into ar/vr" event


I’m writing this message to invite you to our event “Breaking Into AR/VR” tomorrow, featuring Jakub Zegzulka, a previous AR Product Designer from Meta.

Event details:

Guest Speaker: Jakub Zegzulka (Previous Product Design Intern at Meta)

Date & Time: Friday, April 5th, 4pm - 5pm CST.

Location: Virtual (Zoom)

Please RSVP for the “Breaking into AR/VR” event here:

The global landscape is undergoing a profound transformation as it ventures into the next realm of technology known as extended reality. Major players such as Apple and Meta have significantly bolstered the concept of the Metaverse with groundbreaking VR headsets. Amid this evolution, designers are emerging as pivotal contributors, shaping novel experiences for this uncharted digital frontier. Jakub Zegzulka, an extremely talented designer well-versed in both 2D and 3D products, will share his insights on how to break into the AR/VR industry and how designers can navigate and thrive in this evolving landscape.