MFA in Digital Art at Eskenazi School at Indiana University [funded!]

hi all,

Megan Young, the head of digital art at the Eskenazi School at Indiana University asked me to share this opportunity with my networks. Undergrads interested in graduate study would do well to consider applying to this funded MFA program in Digital Art. Megan was very open to speaking with prospective students and connecting them to current students and faculty. As is often the case at R1 universities, there are extensive grant opportunities for graduate students.

" The 3-year program at IU’s Eskenazi School is a good fit for artists who want to explore the relationship of art, technology, and culture through fine art contexts. It emphasizes hands-on studio work, both within the core discipline and with opportunities to explore other mediums. Our current grads are producing experimental videos, interactive installations, AR tours, VR experiences, and multimedia performances. The MFAs also take art historical and theoretical seminar courses and pedagogical coursework prior to teaching. Every MFA is fully funded ($22,000 + tuition + health) and there are additional opportunities for research funds and scholarships starting in the first year of study."

Feel free to email if I can connect anyone with Megan.