Microcontroller Sound 2-day Workshop July 25/26

Dear Friends,

The Performance Technology Research Group (PTRG) is organizing microcontroller sound workshop. This time, the plan is to do a two-day workshop with hardware soldering on the first day and a programming tutorial day on the second day.

The Sound Department is able to provide the materials to build the custom interface boards, but all participants will need to bring their own microcontrollers and audio codec boards from PJRC (details below). If you don’t have these materials, just send me an email and I’ll put a loaner set aside for you jkrame1@saic.edu

Faculty, staff, students, alums, and friends all welcome!


The Sound Shop. MacLean 521

Workshop days and times:

Tuesday, July 25. 10am - 3pm (building)

Wednesday, July 26. 10am - 3pm (programming)

Materials to purchase and have with you:

Teensy 4.1 (TEENSY41_NE on order page) $29.60 (if you already have a Teensy 4.0 you can use it, but it is not recommended for future workshops)

Teensy Audio Shield (TEENSY4_AUDIO on order page) $14.40

A computer with a modern operating system and a Micro USB cable will be necessary as well.

No RSVP is required, but if you send me an email, I’ll make sure to set aside a hardware kit for you. Feel free to share this with our SAIC+ community. If you already made the prototype at our last workshop, you are still welcome to attend and build another.

Please email any questions.

I hope to see you all!