New Course(!): ATS 4018 Anxious Media Ecologies

ATS 4018: Anxious Media Ecologies
TUES 330-615 // SPRING 2024

I want to make you aware of a new 4000 level course I am teaching in ATS next semester called Anxious Media Ecologies: Anxiety as a Technology of Resistance. The course will help students to develop a theoretical and conceptual apparatus for their practice grounded in contemporary thought, particularly: cognitive and emotional capitalism, vibrant materialisms and subjectivity, technological and media ecology and politics. Students will bring their own work in through presentations and critique seminars to elaborate and expand on in-class readings. Throughout the semester, the instructor will introduce quick-start (coding-light) techniques for working with computational media related to machine learning, computationally augmented zine making and risographic duplication, generative plotting and screenbased work, and interactive sound.

If you have any questions, don’t feel to reach out.

More info including tentative reading list and extended course description at

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