[Open Call] [Event] Prompt Battle - May 11th 4:15 in Sharp lobby

Prompt Battle

Thursday, May 11th between 4:15-6:15 at the Neiman Center
Sharp Building Lobby, 36 S Wabash Ave

End of year happening for art and machines

The live event Prompt Battle invites friendly competition between participants using text-to-image software. Show off your prompt skills and see which image the audience chooses as the most surprising, disturbing or beautiful from the latent spaces of DALL·E 2, Craiyon, Midjourney, etc.

Prompt Battle was developed by Sebastian Schmieg and Florian A. Schmidt and was recently hosted at Transmediale. More info is available here: https://promptbattle.com/

Event Format

Up to 8 students, faculty and staff are selected from applications for competition. We especially encourage writers, theorists and poets, but the competition is open to all artists. Application is available here: https://forms.gle/DtDvUZqt4vdhkDZL7

Garrett Laroy Johnson and Nimrod Astarhan from Art and Technology Studies will emcee and invite students faculty and staff to attend.

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Updated with date, time and coordinates :world_map:

a digital image of sun pouring in the floor to ceiling windows of a groundfloor building in a downtown midwest city of broad shoulders populated by the ats.community art and technology community of the school of the art institute of the city of broad shoulders, big end of semester vibes big summertime city of broad city shoulders vibes smiling laughing and live laugh love having a good time have the BEST time using computers and AI for GOOD not EVIL