Open position: Doctoral Researcher / Project Employee in Sonification of Dance Movements, Aalto University School of ARTS

from NIME listserv:

We are looking for a full time Doctoral Researcher / Project Employee to work with us on the Sonic Move - Creative and Expressive Sonification of Human Movement project. The project investigates the use of human body movements in the synthesis of sonification for music and its use in dance and augmented game applications. The candidates will have the opportunity to apply to the Aalto University Arts, Design and Architecture doctoral program. The successful applicant will be provided with guidance and support throughout the application process.

Your role and goals

You will be developing interactive sonification models that are more directly linked to supporting creative exploration of dance movements and seek to explore how these models impact dance practices.

You will develop novel algorithms and tools for sonification, taking into consideration the specific characteristics of different types of human movements. You will collaborate with researchers, choreographers and dancers to create dance and game applications that use the sonification system. You will also publish research papers in journals and present research findings at international conferences and workshops.

Your experience and ambitions

You should have a firm interest and understanding of data sonification applied to arts and music, as well as advanced skills and knowledge in audio processing and synthesis. Familiarity with movement analysis and motion capture techniques is highly desirable. You should have Master’s degree in a relevant field such as music technology, human computer interaction or a related discipline.

How to apply

To apply for this position please submit an application for a “Doctoral Researcher / Project Employee in Sonification of Dance Movements” at the following link by the deadline of 31 July 2023:—Project-Employee_R35869

The Sonic Move - Creative and Expressive Sonification of Human Movement is a joint research project in collaboration with SOPI research group Aalto University School of ARTS, Sensing Solutions VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, HUMEA Lab University of Eastern Finland, Genelec, Minimi Dance Company and Taustamarkkinat, BGMT. The project is supported by Business Finland funding.