Pan-Tilt-Zoom talks - Garrett Laroy Johnson

We’re excited for a conversation with ATS faculty and PhD candidate Garrett Laroy Johnson, activating the show accessible exclusively by telepresence: Pan-Tilt-Zoom. Join us Monday 5-6PM for an online walkthrough of Pan-Tilt-Zoom and a discussion of the work and conceptual underpinnings of the exhibition project, followed by a Q&A.

See you then!

Garrett Laroy Johnson works in responsive media environments to probe, condition, engender, and refract relations between technological determinations and productions of subjectivity. He designs and creates digital-physical systems activating sound, light, and expressive materials in immersive and quotidian spaces. Through his own research-creation and digital-physical sciences, Johnson explores how socially engaged media arts can engage with contemporary subjectivity.




Can’t wait :smiley: