Post Processing 3d Prints Workshop!

ATS Post Processing 3d Prints Workshop!
This Thursday! Oct 27| 10 AM-12 PM
Rm 422 ioLab

In this workshop, participants will learn the various methods by which FDM and resin 3D prints can be post-processed to achieve a desired surface finish on their printed object, as well as various construction techniques for assembly. Topics covered to include:

  • Designing objects for post-processing
  • Printing technique and Initial material considerations
  • Removing or smoothing layer lines
  • Painting and additional finishing
  • Pinning, gluing, and fastening

As the main body of this workshop requires adhesives and paint to set and dry, it’d be impractical to have all participants go through the processes laid out in the presentation. However, I’ll furnish examples of the technique to show how each is done.