SAIC Coding Club: Internet Infrastructure: Serve Local Resources!

:globe_with_meridians: Internet Infrastructure Workshop :globe_with_meridians:
Instructor: Nimrod Astarhan
Date: Tuesday, November 21st | Time: 3:30pm-5:00pm | Location: Flex Space (MacLean 400)

The workshop will lead participants through a Google Street View guided tour of the internet infrastructure of Chicago, including backbone buildings, fiber optic cables, and nearby server farms and cloud computing infrastructure buildings.

We will discuss how data and internet exchange centers are a cross between an architecture and a machine โ€“ a structure whose entire use is devoted to providing the functionality of computation and connectivity. We will consider the internet as a spatial, geopolitical infrastructure and the digital-divide in the US.

Workshop participants will learn how to spin up a simple server from their private computers, serving a folder of PDF files, images, and any other resources they would like to make available. Showing participants how to share their IPs and allow a remote connection to their laptop or computer from mobile phones connected to the same network, we will discuss the potential and possibilities for sharing resources on a network detached from the internet and only available at participantsโ€™ houses or communities.

For more information and links visit this workshop page:

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