SAIC Coding Club: Talking about Art & Technology

Talking about Art & Technology Workshop
Instructor: Alan Perry
Date: TODAY, October 9th | Time: 3:30pm-5:00pm | Location: Flex Space (MacLean 400)


In this workshop, participants will discuss how to prepare for critiques about art & technology, both as the artist and as a participant. How can we intently pay attention to sensory phenomena as it arises from the work of art? We will learn about the perspectives that exist about art critiques and how we can be intentional with the feedback we receive, especially with regards to aesthetic concerns that arise from using technology as a medium.

Participants may optionally come with a work of art to critique - screen-based, sound-based, kinetic, electronic, or anything in-between - as a way to directly practice critiquing in the field of art & technology. If a work of art is generously offered for a practice critique, participants may bring a short (2-3 sentence) description of what their intent is with their work of art.

This workshop will have free pizza provided! :pizza: :pizza: :pizza:

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