[saic on-site event] exploring actuated design interface: a conversation with dr. ken nakagaki

Hi everyone, tomorrow, the Design Development Collective (a joint student club between UChicago and SAIC student) will host the event “Exploring Actuated Design Interface - A conversation with Dr. Ken Nakagaki” at the Neiman Center. The event will be exactly about what the title says. We would really love to have you join us here. Here’s more detailed information about the event:

Date: Feb 6th, 5 - 6:30 pm.
Location: The Neiman Center, 1st floor, Sharp Building.
Event Description:
Join us for an enlightening evening as we explore the fascinating world of actuated interface design with Dr. Ken Nakagaki, an esteemed MIT Media Lab alumnus and founder of AxLab at UChicago. Hosted at SAIC’s campus, this event caters to the creative minds within the SAIC and UChicago communities. Dr. Nakagaki will provide insights into the cutting-edge field of actuated interfaces, followed by a captivating discussion on the implications of AI in the creative process.

Please RSVP here: ddcsaicuchicago | Instagram | Linktree