Stretch Metal Drone SleepOver Open Call

StretchMetal, an experimental art and sound nonprofit in Chicago, is starting work on their main event for the year, the Drone Sleepover, taking place on June 24th. The Sleepover is an 8-hour ambient music campout featuring 8-12 performances. In addition to the live music, they work with visual and tech artists to accompany the sounds with live visual projections and art installations in pairing with the space.

This year the event will be in Logan Square in a roughly 3,000-square-foot restored bow truss warehouse.They are currently looking for video/visual/and art projects for the night. As the Drone Sleepover is an important fundraising event in sustaining the rest of our nonprofit’s programming, this would be an unpaid opportunity, suitable for students hoping to grow their portfolios. We’d also be happy to feature the artist in our newsletter and Drone Sleepover flyering.

To apply, please follow the link above. For any questions, reach out to Gray Schiller: