Summer Study Opportunities @ CCAM: Center for Concrete and Abstract Machines


This summer I am opening the doors on CCAM, the Center for Concrete and Abstract Machines. Growing out of my dissertation work, CCAM is an organization experimenting with collectivities for media arts research, study, and practice. CCAM is located in Chicago (headquarted in Pilsen) and is forging alliances in North and South America and Europe that will bring the experimental media arts in Chicago into a transnational flows of technics, creation, and theory.

To kick things off there are a few events and study opportunities open to the public that ATS folks and friends might be interested in:

  • 1000 Plateaus 101
    – 7 week seminar on Deleuze and Guattari’s third book
    – Wednesdays 6-9pm
    – in-person or on zoom
  • DIY Synth workshop
    – One-day soldering and patching workshop
    – making 2 eurorack units:
    – chaotic oscillator based on designs by Buchla and an envelope follower
  • Gen~ working group
    – all summer long (maybe longer), every two weeks
    – gen~ is a powerful and fresh patching environment inside Max/MSP that computes every audio sample
    – study is collectively guided and open, guided in part by the recent text Generating Sound and Organizing Time
    – the group is currently towards writing code for a generative drum machine that can be ported to a hardware device such as Rpi or Bela via RNBO.

For more information, inc. application process, costs, and other considerations:

– follow CCAM on Instagram
– have a look at the CCAM homepage
– Send me an email or a message w. questions, comments, or other inquiries

We’ll be announcing some other events and opportunities as the summer continues, so stay tuned :smile: