Support our team for the BDC!

Hi all,

In less than 2 weeks, the SAIC is sending a team from the ATS course Synthetic Futures to the BioDesign Challenge. You can read more about the event from the linked press kit, but in summary, this is a contest with over 60 schools from five continents competing to show off the best and brightest at the crossroads between biology and design.

This year, we’re sending a team composed of two graduate students (Including Kelly Xi from this department) that has created a brand new bio-material designed to replace single use plastics, particularly in the shipment and packaging of food. Their project was deemed so exciting by the contest that they are one of only 2 teams selected to additionally compete beyond the overall prizes for the special Barilla Prize for Regenerative Living Ecosystems. This is a huge deal, and I’m so proud of this team. I really hope that as many people as possible can show up to support them by registering as spectators or simply watching as the contest streams on Youtube. Our team will be presenting at 12:45 on Tuesday, June 22nd (The Contest is in NYC, so please note the times listed on the website are for the Eastern Time Zone).

Thanks y’all!


Congrats! We’re cheering you on!

Registered and looking forward to the presentation. Congrats to the team! Very exciting!

Thanks, Lee. I really love the event. I’m kinda pissed this year that since I have a team in contention I can’t judge anymore. It was always really fun. I’m glad that the students are going to have people in the virtual crowd rooting for them.