Teaching opportunity — PLAYSHOP summer class at China Academy of Art (deadline March 1)

Hello everyone,

I am forwarding an open call for artists and designers with uni/college-level teaching experience. The aim is to co-teach summer class at China Academy of art back to back with a local Chinese teacher. This year it is offline! Scheduled from Jun 5th to July 5th, this class is 4 weeks long, 4 days a week, 3 hours a day.
Traveling expenses, accommodation, food, and teaching fee will be provided.

Here is a link for the promotion video of previous years PLAYSHOP

I have attached a manual with all the little details and registration files. This will be my fifth year taking part in this summer program, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. The deadline for your class proposal is March 1.


original message

The fifth session of the PLAYSHOP Innovation Design Practice International Collaborative Curriculum (PLAYSHOP) will be fully launched in June 5th - July 5th, 2023 at the School of Design and Innovation (SDI), China Academy of Art (CAA). PLAYSHOP Innovation Design Practice Curriculum is an international curriculum project of the third semester in SDI and the first global joint teaching experiment in CAA that attempts to reorganize our traditional teaching model.

In the contemporary context where art, design and technology fully meet, the annual PLAYSHOP is a multi-dimensional educational experiment for the conventional teaching system and collective memory of the summer carnival of PLAYSHOP teachers and students. In the first three seasons of PLAYSHOP teaching practice from 2019 to 2022, we collaborated with 84 international tutors from 19 countries and regions and 2,489 students, and experienced logic cycle from “YOUNG to young/Illusion” to “PLAYSHOP”, and finally came to “Illusion”, “Conjecture” and “Manifesto” as core concepts of the first, second and third grades. Taking “collective creation” as the method, during the four-week from mid-June to mid-July, we will think together, experience together, and play together.

In 2023, SDI of CAA will once again launch a new session of PLAYSHOP. We will stay with the theme of “PLAYSHOP” and couple with the sub-theme of “Illusion”, “Conjecture”, and “Manifesto” to match the three grades of students and re-discuss the definition of games carefully. International and domestic tutor groups will collaborate and establish a set of new creative teaching templates. We will openly recruit 39 international tutors to match 39 domestic tutors to participate in the collaborative curriculum of 39 classes. Therefore, we send a sincere invitation to all outstanding young designers, artists, scientists, and innovators worldwide, and we look forward to your participation in this energetic teaching action.

We accept all different forms of teaching outlines and course plans. After the professional evaluation of your materials and teaching plan by the academic committee of the college, you and your partner tutor will form a mentor group to stimulate teaching thinking jointly. We hope this collective teaching experience will enrich your academic research direction and areas of concern. We look forward to seeing you bring the most effective teaching methods and cutting-edge professional information to our students or developing and experimenting with them together.

Finally, we sincerely invite you to join this passionate global joint teaching initiative to share your innovative research in art, design and technology, and related professional research. Please refer to the attached files for more details, including the PLAYSHOP Manual and review of the previous Innovation Design Practice Curriculum sessions, also you can find previous courses via our official website [中国美术学院创新设计学院小学期官网]. If you have any further questions about this project, please email youngtoyoung@caa.edu.cn

If you are interested in participating in PLAYSHOP in 2023, please reply to the email address youngtoyoung@caa.edu.cn with the title “2023 PLAYSHOP + (Your Name)” before March 1st, 2023, with additional materials as below.

[If you have attended before]

  1. The Teaching Plan, please find the blank form attached.

[If it’s your first time applying]

  1. The registration form, please find the blank form attached.

  2. A high-res profile photo

  3. Portfolio (Including three representative works and 6 high-res pictures)

  4. The Teaching Plan, please find the blank form attached

All the supporting materials we listed here will help our academic committee reviewing your application in priority.

Teaching Plans 2023.pdf (45.4 KB)
Tutor Registration 2023.pdf (77.7 KB)

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