[TODAY] SAIC Coding Club: Generative Art NFT Workshop

:star: Generative Art NFT Workshop :star: | Instructor: Doug Rosman
Date: TODAY Wednesday, Nov 1st | Time: 3:30pm-5:30pm | Location: Flex Space (MacLean 400)

Come make some generative art with p5.js, and then share your work on fx(hash), a generative art NFT platform on the affordable AND low-carbon Tezos blockchain!

Generative art refers to algorithmically-created artwork; instead of manually creating every element, generative art relies on rules, randomness, and/or mathematical functions to generate and manipulate images, animations, or other forms of art. In this workshop, we’ll be writing code to create generative visual systems.

Generative systems present a unique challenge: when your system can produce virtually infinite variations, how do you decide which inputs and outputs are meaningful? NFT platforms like fx(hash) provide a way out: the unique transaction hash created at moment you mint your NFT becomes the seed data for your generative output. What does that mean? Find out in the workshop :slight_smile:

• A non-Safari web browser
• The Temple - Tezos Wallet browser
• An account on p5.js
• Install node.js
• Basic familiarity with p5.js

For more information: Generative Art NFT Workshop