What do we mean when we say WE call for proposals!

Following up on the Election Night 24-Hour Town Hall that was held in the fall of 2020, we are planning to host another community-wide gathering, this time scheduled for the evening of Earth Day, Friday, April 22nd. The topic of this gathering will be the subject of ‘community,’ and who SAIC? we includes when we think about it. The working title at this point is:

“What Do We Mean When We Say We?”

The “What Do We Mean When We Say We?” event hopes to provoke and continue a critical interrogation of the term “community,” unpacking ways that it has been used to represent dominant-group perspectives only – to exclude while using inclusive language. We hope to approach the topic from radically different perspectives, to set it within contrasting contexts, and to give a platform for enough differing points-of-view that we are able to begin collectively imagining what a truly inclusive, respectful, supportive, and collegial “We” might be., How WE might WE work towards building the conditions for that “We” to arrive?.

We are inviting any and all students, staff, faculty, student affinity groups, ad hoc groups assembled just for this purpose, and/or individuals who would like to explore this question to act as curators and facilitators. We are open to all suggestions for ways of engaging with one another. The event will take place primarily online. Each facilitator(s) will have approximately one hour to lead us through a way of engagement, for example by dancing, giving a presentation, leading an activity, engaging in dialogue, watching a performance or looking at a piece of work and discussing it. Priority will be given to those activities that promote community involvement in the segment. We thank you and look forward to hearing your ideas!

Applications DUE March 21, 2022
Apply Here: https://whenwesaywe.com

Email whenwesaywe@gmail.com with any questions!

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